Here we hope to answer any frequently asked questions that you may have about our DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. We understand you may have some questions about our products and how it all works.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us by email at contact@lashedbyshez.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


How long will my order take to process?

Once your order has been placed and your payment has gone through, your digital files will be available to download shortly after. 

Can this be bought anywhere in the world?
Yes! Since these are digital files, all you need to do is add item to your cart and purchase when you are ready. Files will be available to download shortly after your order has been placed.


I haven’t received my order, what do I do?
If you have not received your order but your payment has gone through, please email me at contact@lashedbyshez.com as soon as possible for assistance.


Can my DIGITAL DOWNLOAD be edited to my liking? 
You can only edit our CANVA templates. All our Client Record Books & Business Planners are PDF files that can NOT be edited in anyway. You can only add text, images or writing with an annotation app of your choice.


What app can I use my new digital book on?
This PDF is to be used on any device WITH an annotation app that works with PDF files & hyperlinks. If on iOS, GoodNotes, Noteful & Notability work best. If on Samsung, Noteshelf & Xodo are best.

How do I get my digital book to work? 

A guide on how to download and use your record book will be sent with your download link to your account. Please make sure you read the instructions if you’re planning on using in GoodNotes.


Why aren’t my hyperlinks working?

Please make sure you read your instructions PDF or follow along with my pinned TikTok that shows you how to turn on and off the hyperlinks with GoodNotes.